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Unlimited Feet Dryer Vent / Duct Length Cleaning & Inspection
Wonderful job and great pricing
Great company great price
Great Job
Best Service in town!
Company with fair price!
Very happy!
A Great Money Saver
Great service, you get what you pay for
Will recommend!!
Couldn't ask for more!
Excellent Service!
Can't say enough about Michael and his team, they showed up on time and and worked hard the entire time they were here. I was really impressed with the cleaning truck they used to clean the ductwork along with all the different duct cleaning tools they used to clean the ducts. After the cleaning Michael did a walk-thru of my home to make sure they did not miss anything and answered all my questions satisfactory.
I just purchased my home when I discovered the new dryer wasnt drying my clothes, so I called to get the vent cleaned. I called for service and they were able to come out the same day and was in and out in about an hour. They were helpful, friendly, and well put together a plus for anyone living alone. I will be using them for all my vent needs
My dryer had been running sluggishly for a few months, so rather than having a repairman come out, I called Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta. I figured that over time lint builds in the dryer vent and need to be cleaned and last time I had this problem, the repairman advised me to call for a cleaning of the dryer before calling for a repair - and it worked like a charm. For less than half the cost of a repairman coming out to look at the dryer, I had Dryer vent cleaning atlanta give it a cleaning and it works like new. Great service!!
Chimney cleaning Atlanta GA did a great job cleaning out my dryer vent and chimney (they offered a special to do both). There was absolutely no mess which was important to me as well. In fact, I was so satisfied, I had them come back and waterproof my 20 year old brick chimney. I would highly recomment them. My neighbors down the street hired them as well after seeing what a good job they did for me
This was the first time we had our air ducts cleaned and I am thrilled with the results! Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta were prompt, thorough and fast. They answered all of my questions and stuck to the original price quote that was sent to me even before I scheduled the appointment. They left my home exactly as it was when they came in. I'll be sure to recommend Them to anyone needing their HVAC/air ducts cleaned. Thank you!
Very reliable and professional, they installed a new cap for me and I am totally satisfied and will keep them in mind for any future work
Chimney cleaning Atlanta GA came to my house and cleaned my chimney after we had been smelling smoke for quite some time. They fixed the problem did things fast and very efficient. We have had no more problems since. Their prices are very reasonable as well. I highly reccomend their services.. as if I ever have any other problems.. I will call them again! Thanks Guys! You run a wonderful business!...
We had some issues with water coming into our chimney. Worked with Leo, the owner, and he identified and fixed the problem within 10-days of the original visit, estimate and fabrication. All I know is after our first major rain storm, no more water in the chimney! Thanks Chimney cleaning Atlanta- I'd highly recommend them.
My dryer just was not drying the clothes very well. I checked online and the article said that the #1 cause for poor dryer performance was a stopped up vent. I called Dryer vent cleaning Atlanta and they cleaned my vent and straightened out the vent line. I saw an immediate improvement in my dryer. I have ti run it less now so am saving money. I am sure I will make back the cost of getting it cleaned in a few short months. Dryer vent cleaning atlanta price was reasonable and I recommend them highly.
My dryer just was not drying the clothes very well. I Dryer was not working and repair man said dryer vent needed cleaning, that there was nothing wrong with the dryer. I called Dryer vent cleaning Atlanta and they came and cleaned out the vent and straightened the vent line. I was very satisfied with there service.
I have severe allergies, so when we moved into our new home, I was a mess after about 2 weeks. A friend suggested getting the ducts cleaned and after some research online, I found Air Duct Cleaning Company. They were friendly, professional, on time and their cleaning service must have done the trick, because I feel much better. We will be using them again (and again) in the years to come!
The guys who came out to my house and cleaned my dryer vent did an excellent job.Big difference only $79
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Expires April 30th 2018
Reg Price 119$
Complete Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Per One Chimney & One Fireplace / 1 or 2
Story homes